Aid to Adruta Children Home

Adruta Children Home is a unit of RAWA Academy at Bhubaneshwar, inside sainik school campus. Adruta children home came into existence as a part of the mission to find a shelter for the homeless and underprivileged children. The objective is not merely to provide them food, clothing, shelter and education but to identify innate potentiality in the children as they grow into excellence and join the mainstream to be considered as an asset to the society. On 9 April 2011, GNM Foundation had an opportunity to provide school uniforms, shoes, belts etc to 16 students who are studying at Venkateshwar English Medium School, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneshwar. GNM President Pof.Dr.Gokulanandan Mahapatra distributed the uniforms to all the students in the presence of their President Dr.Mohanty. The students also displayed their talent and creativity.