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Under Core functions, GNM makes grants to support voluntary organizations working in poverty endemic and difficult parts of our country. We work to build capacities of Individual Communities and Civil Society to improve the quality of their lives and enhance their ability so as to get them to the normal stream of mankind.


Prof.Dr.Gokulananda-Nityananda Mahapatra Foundation (GNMF), India is an independent body helping people improve their own lives, look for solutions to complex problems in poor, remote and challenging parts of the country. This trust was created on 18th May 2010 and registered in the sub-registrar office in Cuttack city with the document no: 40391004524. GNM Foundation today addresses some of the greatest challenges facing the country. These include :
  • Community health
  • Elementary Education
  • Local Governance
  • Livelihood Security for Citizen and Society
The aim is :
  • To identify and provide education related support both monetary and in the form of material needs such as books, Uniform and accommodation costs for the meritorious under privileged children irrespective of caste, creed, race or religion.
  • To develop libraries, Bhavan/Auditorium, Study center for the under privileged children going to school and for the community.
  • To organize seminars, capacity of building workshops, leadership training and personality development programme for people belonging to all walks of life.
  • To publish educational materials, pamphlets, booklets, news letter, monographs, video cassettes, Brochures etc for propagating foundations goals and objectives.
  • To develop state of art resource center using the latest technology for dissemination of education related information.
  • To help and support the under privileged women in various Ashrams/Rehabilitation center both monetary and in the form of materials like providing sarees, blankets, etc.
  • To create lasting change by building healthy communities and promoting sustainable development.
  • To pursue the most critical development indices like child education, innovative health care, livelihood and women empowerment to achieve large scale penetrations and highest social return.
  • To engage SVP (Social Venture Philanthropy) model by working hand in hand with grass-roots organisation building their capacities, giving strategic directions, sharing resources and knowledge, upgrading technology with the aim to achieve scalability, accountability, sustainability and leadership.